Like on one hand he’s a bit of a dead beat but on the other hand hes the type of guy that stays up all night building his son a bunk bed and a desk so he can have a sleepover at his house

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xi have a huge love-hate relationship with McNulty

Not a lot of female leads

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xno complaints about greggs though

We got lesbian narcotics cop
Gay crime boss
Multiple POC cops
Idris Elba
The two leads from Remember the Titans

What more could we possibly want?

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xthe wire

You can always tell which movies casting directors watch

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xtheres TWO of the leads from remember the titans



I disagree in a way about her being “broken.” I mean, yes, she’s been broken in some way or…

Thank you so much for being patient with me, I am horrible at keeping up correspondence.

I can’t believe Book 4 of Korra is coming out early! I didn’t expect it at all, so I’m really excited for it. Did you see the small sneak peek? It looks like they might be dealing with some of the effects of PTSD and it doesn’t look like it’ll disappear really quickly!!!

I don’t know, I was both pleased and disappointed in how the earth queen was used. Without her death, all of those dangerous scenes afterword would have less of an effect. There was no doubt the characters would do something that drastic to anyone else, which has most of the meaning. There was a little wasted potential, but I think it might be even more beneficial this way, because now we’ll be seeing the airbenders deal with  problems, and one of them might be how they’re going to rebuild the Earth Kingdom. As a monarchy? With a Council? With a President?

We didn’t get to see the transition from council to president in Book 1 to Book 2, so I’m hoping they’re going to show the struggle to prevent miscellaneous coups and dictatorships from rising.

As for how the earth queen stayed in power…. It just always kinda depends on the Dai Li. It’s like how easily Long Feng was overthrown by Azula, the Dai Li were shown her power and they switched sides. With no support of the enforcers, Long Feng couldn’t do much.

I’m guessing, since the Earth Queen wasn’t a bender, is that a lot of the money financed the Dai Li. Along with her expensive living, that would’ve racked up quite a bit. Plus, it’s obvious she had bigger plans, with her capturing an airbending army and all. They probably were promised high-ranking power.

(Thinking on all of this, she might have been actually pretty smart and calculating. We didn’t get to see enough of her, oh well.)

Again, the elites may have been defenseless only because the Dai Li didn’t protect them. Not may of the Dai Li might’ve liked the Earth Queen, but they seem to always need a leader, weirdly enough. They just are an army capable of switching sides. And I don’t know, I’m sure the Queen had a poison taster. She probably wouldn’t have cared if they died instead of her.

People have blind allegiances to corrupt rulers often. And I don’t know, there might’ve been a time where she was a decent ruler. Unfortunately we don’t know. I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

What do you think of Bolin’s lavabending? Was I the only one who wasn’t surprised? They were building up his lack of metalbending prowess. I mean they had two choices as payoff: lavabending or metalbending + stress. (I was kinda hoping they wouldn’t go down those routes, but that’s just me. I prefer the fact that he can lavabend rather than metalbend after all that. I mean they talked about the odds of being able to metalbend is 1 in 100 can. Because that would have been a hell of a coincidence, FOUR metalbenders as significant characters. (Lin, Suyin, Korra, Bolin).

I mean lavabending is a hell of a coincidence but less than metalbending. I mean techically Bolin is the son of an earthbender and a firebender so…. I mean metalbending obviously has hereditarial ties (see: Beifongs) but maybe lavabending does too.

Who knows? I was just shocked to see so many people on my dash like WHOA DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING

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xana2199 xseriously though im so sorry about taking forever xi'm so horrible at replying and all xEXCITED FOR BOOK 4 THOUGH YAY


Well if people are looking for a cop show with lesbians and gay men and lots of poc well then i have discovered a thing

Its called “the wire” and i think its only 5 seasons long but yeah literally most the cast is poc and one of the main female poc is a lesbian

And i only watched the first episode

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Well if people are looking for a cop show with lesbians and gay men and lots of poc well then i have discovered a thing

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xi dont know about the gay man i havent met him yet but my bro tells me there is one

Y’know how in books or movies a character dies and it just punches you in the gut?
Yeah fuck that

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xthis is twice this happened

Holy fuck

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xgod xfucking