12-year-old speaks out on the issue of abortion

She knows more…

It literally is crap… Nothing she says is new to the pro-choice movement, it’s not reliable, it is emotionally manipulative, it’s not inspirational, above all it’s not helping anything. It’s crap. I’m not belittling, just stating the facts. Sorry you can’t see that.

Sorry to be the one to say this, but your opinion isn’t a fact. Know the difference between the two. You have presented no facts, just belittling words. While she did. Her facts… were FACTS. As in… researched facts. Nothing manipulitive about that, just the truth. If you can’t accept that, I’m sad to see you believe murdering people with hopes and dreams, people who could be potential leaders and awesome citizens, people who could have been teachers policemen, firefighters, builders and such is fine. 

it’s not helping anything” so tell me how in the world is abortion helping?Don’t play the rape card when 1% is the case, and even for the unfortunate women in the 1% when you abort a baby because of a rape… guess what? Your puniishing the wong person. The baby who did nothing about it, yes its hard for the mother, but thats why there are approiate way like adotption.

Hitler thought killing Jews was helping did he have a right? No. So why is killing a HUMAN BEING ok, I am not only talking about the babys health but the mothers too. Because after all its two people your talking about not just one. 

I will stop right there. Go to the 180 movie, because me explaining simple morality to you isn’t going to change you mind. But if you are truely an inquistive person, if your truly tolerant go watch the movie, after that you can tell me what you think.

Anyway, again, I hope you have a great day, but please think more about this. Becuase this is about peoples lives being terminated. 

Mate, did you just refer to fetuses as people with hopes and dreams


Actually if you look at the RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network @ the probability of getting pregnant on a one-tine rape is 5%. And if you actually look at the numbers, RAINN approximated in 2012 there were 17,342 pregnancies from rape.

(By the way, Abortion isn’t a punishment)

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I wish i was more upset than i am

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xi just cannot and it just kinda sucks and i feel awful bit i cannot





i dont care whether you’re into homestuck or not, everyone needs to see this beautiful piece of animation

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The BASICS: Using References by; Shattered-Earth

Admins Notes// What is said in “What about the rest of the picture” is very accurate, please take it into consideration.

I am also including these notes on gestures/references, their proportions aren’t perfect, but the message rings clear-copying what you see in a photo isn’t the best way to reference as you will learn very little, especially when compared to what you will learn following the featured tutorial above.

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I never want to see another physics problem in my life

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Im outside in a tank top and im lovin it

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xits 51 F and its climbing god fucking bless

Some people

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xim goig to fucking vomit what the fuck did i just witness
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